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Wednesday, February 25 2015
Book Signing with author, K. Chrisbacher
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Wednesday, February 25 2015
Please join us for a fun Paint Party ~Martha's Lighthouse
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Monday, February 23 2015

Making old new again

Follow these tips to mix vintage and modern with ease:

Before bringing an item into your space, decide what role it will play in the grand scheme. Will the piece become a focal point, or will it simply complement other elements of the room? Just like your favorite movie, your space needs a strong cast of main characters that pop, and supporting roles that blend. To create a cohesive design, you need a good combination of vintage and modern, and a few transitional pieces to bridge the gap between styles.  Trust your eyes and your heart. Look for pieces that remain true to their styles and speak to your individual preferences.

When merging contrasting styles, creating balance is critical. Just remember contrast. Pair modern vases with a vintage dresser. Place pillows with vintage fabrics on an modern sofa, or use a retro lamp on a traditional end table. Simply identify the style of the largest item in the grouping, and then use contrast for the accessory items.

Balance can also be created through scale, pattern, texture, color and line. To make the space your own, combine these elements in unique ways. Find items that are unified through these elements to create appealing displays throughout the room.

If you find yourself stuck between styles, try out a few pieces that feature both modern and vintage aspects. Trust in mid-century design to find a middle ground. Furniture in this style combines the classic feel of vintage pieces with the simple, clean lines of more modern designs.

Come in today to find Unique Upscale Resale and Designer Décor to make your home beautiful…

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Saturday, February 14 2015
New at Casa Bella

Pair of adorable Twin Beds perfect for a guest room. Priced at $595 for the pair which includes the mattresses and box springs!

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Tuesday, February 10 2015
Women to Women Luncheon
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Monday, February 02 2015
Sweethearts Day
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Sunday, February 01 2015
Presidents Day Sale
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Sunday, February 01 2015
Couples Paint Party
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